Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Turtles all the way down.....

It is after all, the beginning. Rather unremarkable, but then, it has begun. Blogging has become the order of the day. The highest embodiment of democracy and it's egalitarian virtues, publishing one's thoughts has become a matter of triviality. None the less, the thoughts are not always as trivial.

Firstly, a matter of policy, for those who were unoccupied with better endeavors and chose to visit this new addition to the already crowded spots on this emporium of blogs, it becomes my undue responsibility to introduce the intellect whose creations swallows so much of your entirely unused time.
An IITian, a most insignificant species on this vulnerable rock ranking third from the sun. Mathematics and Carnatic music form the passions of this gory creature of whom you will probably get to know more about soon. The entity fancies losing elections as a mighty past time, especially if it means shopkeeping as the ulterior alternative, unfortunate enough to endure two centuries of pain undergone by many a jobless over-creative individual who took to making new machines as his daily post-gardening ritual. For the majority of the blogreader who failed to get the line above, I am lamenting on my grand fortune of being chosen to be trained a Mechanical Engineer from one of the most prestigious world class Engineering Institutions.

Finally, an ardent fan of Wodehouse and Douglas Adams, simply fascinated by the intricate plots and the inherent complications which are absolutely not necessary for the story and yet makes enjoyable reading. I would like to make
believe that I am well versed with some sacred Hindu texts. This initial article with all the fervour that the first time always has, will demonstrate that. Well, the rig veda gives a humble explanation for the existence of the universe, it's beginning. The earth, our world, happens to be on an elephant which stands on a turtle. The turtle stands on what? Well, as it happened then, I would rather prefer a change of topic- you must be getting bored!
This is the end of the beginning. Once more, it has begun ( ahem.. Trumpets?)